ListenToYouTube Review and Best Alternatives

Listen To YouTube is a very popular service for downloading MP3 files from YouTube. To download YouTube to MP3 you just need to copy and paste the video URL that you want to download.

Why Choose Listen To YouTube Alternative?

1. ListenToYouTube doesn't support HD - With ListenToYouTube you can download only in poor MP3 quality.
2. Listen To YouTube uses confusing advertisment - ListenToYouTube uses many ads that looks like download buttons. In this way, you can not know which is the real download button. You get many misleading ads that give you a poor user exprince.
3. Listen To YouTube doesn't support download playlist - You can not download YouTube playlist with ListenToYouTube
4. Download is slow and not simple - To download an MP3 file you need to pass few pages to until you get the desired MP3.

#1 Online Best Alternative

Our online YouTube to MP3 converter is the best online downloader.
The top advantages of our converter:
✓ Donwload YouTube to MP3 and MP4
✓ Download is easy and without many ads

#2 Downloader Software Best Alternative

YouTube By Click is an amazing video downloader that includes all the tools you need in a downloader. Install YouTube By Click software:
Download the Video Downloader
Best features of YouTube By Click:
YouTube by Click sscreenshot
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